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When faced with bladder cancer the one thing most of us want is reliable information from sources we can trust. Below are some useful links. They will give you a good base understanding and can help you formulate questions to ask your medical team about your specific condition.

**Important** – Only your medical team can give you advice and information about your specific condition, symptoms, and treatment. Always consult your medical team if you have any questions.

I think there is one question all of us ask ourselves. What should I have done differently? This article from the American Cancer Society attempts to answer the question.
Can bladder cancer be found early?

ASCO Answers: Bladder Cancer (PDF file)

Canadian Cancer Society
Bladder Cancer Canada

American Cancer Society
US National Cancer Institute

Ostomy Canada Society
United Ostomy Associations of America

Urostomy: A guide

Urology Care Foundation

Union of International Cancer Control
International Cancer Information Service Group – brought to you by The Mesothelioma Center