Year and half since building the mini library

mini library project August, 2015 I had recovered from the radical cystoprostatectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy for the bladder cancer. It was then I built the mini library. I saw many similar creations on the web and I knew this would be a fun project. It would help get my mind and body working again – a therapeutic project.

The mini library was fun to build – created from scraps of wood. I didn’t know how it would be received once completed. We put in a few novels we had, including a few I had written and thought, “we’ll see what happens”. I have checked it regularly since built and amazed and thrilled by its success. It has remained unmolested and has seen a constant change in titles since day one. There have been a few times when the volumes it housed dwindled to only a few, then to quickly be stuffed to capacity.

“I have come a long way since building the mini library”

I see the mini library every day as I come and go from home and can’t help think how far I have come since those days. One never knows what impact the little things we do can have. This little wooden box has become an asset to the neighborhood. It gets regular use and appears appreciated. A simple thing. These are the personal victories that fuel the wish to do more simple things. Granted, these victories are self-serving ego boosters, but when on such a journey as this anything that keeps one’s mind from slipping from simple pleasure to gloom is huge.

A big thanks to those that have made use of this little box. Thanks for sharing the stories you have enjoyed so that others can enjoy them as well. As a writer in a digital world, it is great to see paper and words still passed from hand to hand.

About SM Dougan

Writer/novelist. I have been diagnosed with Stage 3 bladder cancer and small lymphatic lymphoma. I have had a radical cystoprostatectomy and adjuvant chemo therapy for the bladder cancer. This website has been created document my experiences as I go through the process in the hope of providing encouragement to others in a similar situation. For more information about me and my novels, visit my author website
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